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Glimpses of some of the events

Entrepreneurship Events

Women Entrepreneurs from all walks of life.


GIZ : Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

GIZ x EWON for women entrepreneurs : a series of 5 events focussed on providing a learning curve for women entrepreneurs in early stage of their startups.

BMW Women Drive

BMW event where women entrepreneurs and business owners who drive BMW participated in a 10 KM rally to celebrate the spirit of womanhood followed by a conference at Ramada to discuss the challenges in Entrepreneurship for women in small towns and cities in India and what can be done to bring more opportunities to younger generation.


Robot : AI Workshop

Bringing in the latest for women in tech to learn and participate in the latest developments in the field of AI / Robotics. A workshop put together by the EWON, Chics Connect Women Entrepreneurship Cell of Techno NJR College.

Conference : Entrepreneurship  

Entrepreneurs meetings with focussed cohorts in specific business verticals to learn, grow and share the 

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